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Allwinner to demo new 64-bit tablet processor

  • Author:Andrew
  • Release on:2014-09-02

Zhuhai-based Allwinner has announced that its next APs for tablets will be 64bits, an expected move that follows the industry trend of 64-bit processing.

In a press release, AllwinnerCMO Jack Lee said, "The 64-bit era is absolutely the new trend. As one of the most important strategic partners of ARM, Allwinner will team up with ARM to take the lead in providing highly cost-effective 64-bit tablet solutions."

Android has partly supported 64-bit processors in its kernel for some time, but the expectation is that Android L, the next version of the operating system, has it fully integrated and that 64-bit tablets will be available in October at the earliest. The key advantages of 64-bit chips are increased power and battery efficiency, as well as the ability to encode and decode high-resolution video more quickly.

IDC has estimated that Allwinner was the second-highest tablet processor manufacturer by revenue in 2013, behind only Apple, and shipped 18.2 million units that year, more than any other. The market for tablet processors was $3.6 billion in 2013 according to Strategy Analytics.