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Google, Motorola's Nexus phablet to rival Samsung’s Galaxy Note

  • Author:Andrew
  • Release on:2014-09-03

Google’s Nexus line of smartphones and tablets is intended to provide a “pure” Android experience with guaranteed OS updates often not available in other manufacturers’ handsets. While Google has been attempting to bring such devices in-house under its “Silver” initiative, they have typically been made by manufacturers LG, HTC and Motorola Mobility (soon to be a part of Lenovo).

Now, reports have surfaced that Motorola and Google are collaborating on a large-screen phablet smartphone, rumored to be 5.9 inches in screen size. Google has in the past code-named its Nexus devices after fish, and though Shamu is a killer whale, it does indicate a new, large Nexus device – a phablet.

While the trend so far this year has been to increase the size of smartphone screens – Apple is expected to release a 5.5in phone and Samsung built its market leadership in part on phablets – the size of the device is at about the limit of what can be called a smartphone, and would be a direct competitor to Samsung’s Galaxy Note.

The device is expected to be released in November, though as with all pre-announcement release dates, this should be taken with some skepticism.