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Acer Octon seeking opportunity to cooperate with the three largest telecom carriers in North America

  • Author:Abby
  • Release on:2015-03-24
Acer Octon, a joint venture established in November 2014 by Taiwan-based IT vendor Acer and US-based multimedia application developer Octon, will soon announce the outcomes of talks it has been holding with the three largest telecom carriers in North America about cooperation, according to company president James Sha.
Acer Octon has also been making deployments in the China and Southeast Asia markets concerning adoption of abPBX plus, its cloud computing-based IP communication solution for businesses, Sha said.

Acer Octon will attend the 2015 China International Cloud Computing Expo in Chongqing, western China, during April 10-12 and unveil new terminal devices in New York on April 23, Sha indicated.

Application of abPBX plus can also be extended to consumer applications for smart homes, security monitoring and telehealthcare via PCs, smartphones and tablets, Sha said.