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Smartphone Battery power to Double Next Year

  • Author:Abby
  • Release on:2015-03-26

Battery life is an ever restricting problem for mobile phone users – often resulting in consumers constantly keeping an eye out for spare plug sockets at home or at the office.

However, SolidEnergy is hoping to help ease our battery woes by doubling the standard lifespan of each recharge by 2016 with some interesting technology.

SolidEnergy’s plan is to double the amount of power stored in each regular sized smartphone battery. This also means that a battery with today’s power supply could be half the size as well, depending on how you implement the tech.

It works by getting rid of the thicker graphite anode material and replacing it with a thinner lithium copper foil.

This has been tested previously, with problems occurring with the degradation of previous efforts, often causing short-circuits. However, SolidEnergy has seemingly solved this problem by introducing a layer of solid electrolyte to the foil.

This results in a battery which is much smaller than current efforts as well as being more powerful, possibly being ready for the market by next year.