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China smartphone vendors seek more CMOS image sensors supplies

  • Author:Abby
  • Release on:2015-05-07

China-based smartphone vendors reportedly are suffering shortages in the supply of CMOS image sensors from Sony as the Japan-based supplier has given priority to Apple and Samsung Electronics, according to sources in Taiwan's handset supply chain.

Supplies of Sony's CMOS image sensors are at least 30% short of demand for individual China's smartphone vendors including Xiaomi Technology, Huawei Device, Coolpad and ZTE, the sources noted.

The shortfall for some second- and third-tier vendors reaches as high as 70-80% due to a lack of purchasing bargain power, the sources added.

Additionally, more newcomers, including LeTV, Gree Electric Appliances and Daren, have stepped into China's smartphone market, widening the supply gap further, noted the sources.

Some vendors are evaluating the possibility of buying CMOS image sensors from other suppliers, including OmniVision, Samsung Electronics and Toshiba, the sources indicated.

Meanwhile, China-based venture capital firm, Hua Capital Management, has agreed to acquire OmniVision for US$1.9 billion, a deal which may affect the supply of CMOS image sensors in the future, commented the sources.