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Dual-USB power banks more stylish, portable

  • Author:Abby
  • Release on :2015-11-07

Models can blend well beside a mobile device, are less bulky and boast fancy designs.

Power banks are becoming a necessity as more energy-consuming functions continue to penetrate smartphones and other mobile devices. China makers are banking on this need in their latest dual-port power banks, with most models blending well with devices by having fancy shapes and cases. One version, for example, resembles a cassette tape, while another uses a stylish leather case. Some models can fit in a pocket, making them easy to carry anywhere. The smallest power bank in this selection weighs just 70g.

With dual-port capability, power banks can charge two devices simultaneously at speeds of 2A at most. Some units deviate from the conventions by having a PV panel or a wireless charger. Capacity remains a key consideration with units yielding up to 13,000mAh. Meanwhile, protection against short-circuit, overcharge and -discharge is a staple.

Here are 10 recently released models handpicked by our Market Analysts for representing the current trends in dual-USB power banks.