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Digitimes Research: Qualcomm to enter server market with 24-core CPUs

  • Author:Nora
  • Release on:2015-12-30

Qualcomm, which announced plans to begin in November 2014 to develop server-based ARM chip, have begun to provide samples used by the server CPU to potential customers, but also set up an exclusive promotion CPU of a company in Guizhou, China. These moves mean that Qualcomm's determination to enter the server processor market, according to Digitimes Research.

The server chip code and model names are still not coming to market, the company has revealed that the initial version will have 24 cores, and will have more in the future. The initial version has been proven to perform virtual machine (VM) software and run Linux as well as other applications.

Qualcomm said the chip can be used for large data mining and machine learning. Most server CPU use to provide special attention to the machine there is no learning. However, Qualcomm's intentions also supports machine learning techniques remains unclear.

While technology and strategy development Qualcomm ARM-based server CPU are similar to other industry pioneer, the company focus on building partnerships with companies including Xilinx and Mellanox technology to quickly entered the server market, Digitimes Research He commented.