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Apple shows off a new 10.5in iPad Pro with better multitasking

Apple has announced two new iPad Pro models. As expected, one of the new iPads has a 10.5in screen and starts at $649. The 9.7in iPad size has now been relegated to the introductory iPad model announced earlier this year.
While introducing the new iPads, Apple also teased iOS 11, which will come out later this year. The updated operating system is starting to take more cues from macOS, according to reporters at the event. There is a new bottom app dock that can hold as many apps as the user chooses and "apps retain their previous windowing state," according to the Verge. This means switching between apps on iOS will soon be more similar to minimizing a window in a desktop OS.
Users can also use a four-finger swipe to see a Mission Control display of all the running apps. The new version of iOS will have a drag-and-drop feature, as well, allowing users to drag files and other content between apps
Apple has previously suggested that people could use only an iPad pro for their computing needs. This update looks to be pushing iOS in a direction that might have some consumers starting to think that way, as well.
The hardware also has some important improvements, although they're perhaps not as significant in the past. The screen is brighter with a faster refresh rate of up to 120Hz. Both iPad Pro models run on the A10X Fusion chip. The 10.5in model also has a smaller bezel and weighs one pound.
Apple also improved latency for the Apple Pencil. Latency is now just 20ms between the Pencil and the screen. This beats out the Microsoft's new Surface Pen, which has a latency of 21ms on the new Surface Pro. Apple didn't say anything about pressure sensitivity, but the Surface Pen was recently upgraded to 4096 levels of pressure-sensitivity.
Apple wants its iPad Pro to be the company's Surface Pro competitor rather than changing its MacBook line. This could be a smart move on Apple's part, but the company is still grappling with the fact that iOS will continue to be more limiting than a full desktop OS for the foreseeable future. Tablet sales have also been falling recently. Perhaps the latest refresh with an introductory iPad and two different iPad Pro models will give the line a renewed focus that will help the product category move forward.