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Fire at Samsung SDI factory caused by defective batteries

Just weeks after Samsung stated that it was defective batteries that caused its Note 7 to burst into flames and that the company had implemented several controls to prevent it from happening again, a fire broke out at the Samsung SDI battery factory in China.

Reuters is reporting that there was a minor fire at the factory in Tianjin and that it was extinguished. A Samsung spokesman said there were no casualties or significant impact to the plant's operations.

Although there was minimal damage at the Samsung SDI factory, the fire was symbolic of the troubles Samsung faced with its Note 7 device that was banned from airplanes and had to be recalled last year. About 2.5 million devices were recalled at a cost of about US$5 billion.

Samsung SDI also indicated that it has invested more than US$100 million in safety measurements and it will continue providing batteries for Samsung's next generation models.

Samsung recently noted that it will delay the launch of its Galaxy S8 to make sure there are absolutely no problems with the device.