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Innodisk launches the world's first industrial blockchain SSD

  • Author:VITEK
  • Source:chinaflashmarket.com
  • Release on:2021-03-15
With the development of industrial property, big data data connectivity brings with it the worry of intelligent data. Innodisk International, the world's leading industrial-grade SSD manufacturer, recently released its latest patented product to integrate digital signature capabilities with blockchain technology's Blockchain Technology Storage solution to further enhance data correctness and the highest level of protection for smart devices.

Innodisk's latest blockchain InnoBTSTM SSD solution, with patented technology to blockchain digital signature and data chaining functions, successfully integrated into a single storage carrier, greatly simplified the system configuration, provide easy blockchain construction, and in the era of intelligent material union, to help large-scale edge devices quickly chain, expand blockchain network applications. On the other hand, the characteristics of the blockchain decentralized ledger to ensure data correctness and a high degree of integrity, will be particularly suitable for a variety of applications such as smart meters, smart unmanned stores, digital identity identification and so on.

Start the digital signature mechanism to ensure that the data is correct and complete

InnoBTSTM SSD uses public data encryption technology of non-symmetric cryptosyscology to generate a proprietary private key, which can be paired with the sending of private and public keys, and initiate a digital signature mechanism for data authentication. On the one hand, the important private key is stored in the internal security block of the SSD to protect, on the other hand, the public key can be sent and read only, while using the decentralized architecture of the blockchain, the data is scattered record-keeping, if there is a case of data tampering, it can clearly show the differences, further ensure the correctness of the data.

Integrated blockchain technology, intelligent packaging on the chain

Innodisk believes that with the continued development of smart material, the large amount of data generated by edge devices, if stored through blockchain, the Internet of Things will be able to build a trusted and correctly complete database. Using InnoBTSTM SSD, Innodisk integrated blockchain technology to SSD architecture, users can target the data in the SSD, each produced a separate encryption hash (hash value/data), and then further encrypted hash value quickly packaged on the chain, so that the entire data chaining process, from the front can have encrypted protection programs, but also greatly improve system elasticity.

In recent years, Innodisk has spared no effort in research and development of blockchain technology and related products, with new products combining blockchain and advanced encryption technology to ensure maximum data correctness and highlight the possibilities that blockchain technology will continue to expand in industrial IoT applications in the future. The content related to more new products will be further explained in the "Embedded AI Applications and Development" forum on March 24.