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LG Starts to ship both LCD and OLED panels to Apple for a new contract

LG Display was reported that has signed a contract with Apple the US smartphone vendor for new iPhone devices which coming in rest of 2018 , according to a Korea-based Newspim report.

What in contract is that, LG Display will ship 3 to 4 million OLED panels with 20 million LCD smartphone panels to Apple this year, OLED panels from its E6 6G fab in Paju use for iPhone.

With the improvement of yield rate at the E6 plant, LG Display is to secure the majority of 6.5 inch OLED panel orders from Apple in 2019, and therefore will ramp up its OLED panel shipments to 10 million units in the year, said the report.

The deal also help LG Display improve its financial constraints, said the report, noting that the company posted a net loss of KRW 98.3 billion (US $87.04 million) in the first quarter of 2018 with a prospect of the losses widening to KRW 196.8 billion for the second quarter.