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Oppo adopt the invenSense EIS solution

InvenSense, a provider of MEMS sensors, has announced its electronic image stabilization (EIS) solution adopted for the recently-released Oppo R9S and R9S Plus smartphones.

The adoption of EIS in smartphones presents real-time implementation challenges with the need to precisely link hand jitter, the cause of "shaky videos," with the video stream from image sensors. InvenSense's method of synchronizing motion data with the image pipeline not only eliminates this issue, but makes it easy for OEMs and ODMs to port the solution to various smartphone models with different image sensors and/or application processors, the company said. InvenSense added its EIS technology is independent of the video frame rate and image resolution, paving the way for stable high speed 1080p and 4K video desired by today's consumers.

EIS technology, long a staple among first-tier smartphone makers, is now moving across mid-tier phones due to the growing importance of real-time posting of video captured by smartphones to sites such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, WeChat and YouTube, InvenSense noted. The "shaky video" experience however is no longer part of this equation with InvenSense's approach of providing a holistic solution with its high performance EIS-enabled motion sensors and complementary software stack. This EIS technology can be adapted to both rear and front facing cameras, a recent trend set by leading smartphone makers and showcased in the new Oppo R9S and R9S Plus.

Additionally, InvenSense's solution has provisions to minimize power consumption as video capture tends to be very taxing on a mobile device battery. InvenSense's EIS software stack has been natively integrated on several smartphones and is available with a number of InvenSense motion sensors for immediate implementation on any OEM platform.

"Our hardware/software based EIS solution leverages the use of a MEMS 6-axis device, enabling smartphones to capture jitter-free video at high definition resolution at a lower frame rate, improving the user experience and reducing file sizes on average by 50%," said Dan Goehl, VP of worldwide sales for InvenSense. "With new breakthroughs on the horizon, InvenSense mission is to provide our customers with new use case and innovative solutions providing differentiation in the smartphone market."