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Report said:Huawei confident to reaching 2016 smartphone shipments target

China-based vendor Huawei Technologies has shipped over 100 million smartphones globally so far in 2016 and is confident of attaining its goal of shipping 140 million units for the full year, according to media reports in China.

Sales of Huawei's smartphones in a number of markets in western and northeastern Europe have been growing at over 50% on year in 2016, and Huawei has also managed to ramp up its market share in Finland and Poland to over 20%, from the previous single-digit rates, said the reports, citing Kevin Ho, president of Huawei's handset product line.

Huawei's 2016 smartphone shipments reached the 100-million-unit mark in October, nearly two months ahead of the comparable benchmark a year earlier, Ho said.

Shipments of Huawei's latest flagship smartphone, the Huawei P9, have reached over six million units since the launch in April 2016, said the reports, adding that Huawei plans to unveil a new flagship model, the Mate 9, on November 3.

Powered by the release of the new model and brisk demand for the P9, Huawei will be able to reach its shipments goal set for 2016, said the reports.