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Selings teamed up with Samsung to create SmartSSD: a way to improve server data processing performan

  • Author:VITEK
  • Source:chinaflashmarket.com
  • Release on:2020-11-16
To enhance server performance and further enhance data center processing and instruction cycles, Selings has announced a joint effort with Samsung to build SmartSSD Computing Storage Drive (CSD).

SmartSSD CSD is known to integrate Therings FPGA Accelerator to reduce server CPU limitations to reduce data movement, reduce latency and power consumption, and accelerate data processing speed and efficiency. SmartSSD CSD is also a flexible programmable storage platform that developers can use to create unique and scalable accelerators to solve data center challenges, and help a new generation of software developers easily build innovative hardware component acceleration solutions in familiar advanced programming languages. SmartSSD CSD can increase its data processing performance by at least 10 times for applications such as database management, video processing, artificial intelligence layers, complex search, and virtualization.

Pej Roshan, vice president of marketing for the Selings Data Center division, says data processing is key to value. SmartSSD CSD enables a wide range of new developers to take advantage of compute storage to quickly implement amazing applications to solve a series of tricky data center challenges.

In addition, SmartSSD CSD makes it easy to create customer-built applications by using Vitis unified software platforms and accelerated letter libraries. Developers and enterprise equipment vendors can quickly enter the market with pre-built, customer-made applications. Runtimes, letter libraries, APIs, and drivers in the Vitis platform can all be built on the system in common high-level program languages, such as C, C, and OpenCL.

In addition, Selings has introduced an efficient and easy-to-deploy data encryption solution based on dm-crypt. By using standard Linux core modules, SmartSSD CSD developers can use Vitis letter libraries to create one-stop acceleration applications that can easily scale across multiple SmartSSD CSDs.

All in all, SmartSSD CSD has been available to enable enterprises to meet the need for faster data for users without being forced to buy more servers resulting in capital expenditures (Capital Expenditure, CAPEX) and operating expenses (Operating Expenses, OPEX);