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The Intel B560 motherboard will open memory overclocking for the first time

  • Author:VITEK
  • Source:chinaflashmarket.com
  • Release on:2021-01-04
According to the latest exact news, Intel's next-generation mainstream motherboard, the B560, will support memory overclocking and turn on XMP.

All along, Intel produces both processors and motherboards, high and low-end product lines have clear segmentation lines, the more down the character castration, but because of the situation, Intel is constantly changing.

Sources say Intel will release a new Z590 and B560 motherboard early next month, paired with the Rocket Lake 11th-generation Core, where the Z590 is positioned as high-end with processor and memory overclocking, while the B560, which is positioned in the mainstream gear, will open up support for memory overclocking for the first time, but still doesn't seem to overclock the processor.

Although the transition nature of the 11th generation is more obvious, the next 12 generations will change the interface and motherboard, but can see Intel attitude change is not easy, in the current situation, Intel may continue to firmly take the cost-effective route.