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What is 5G Technology

5G is another technology for the future generation. Now, some countries use this technology. Some countries not yet come. According to the ITU IMT – 2020 standards, the speed of 5G technology will be 20 gigabits per second. From 2004, internet speed is as follows.

In the near future, internet technology is very useful for office services and other related services. Therefore with developing the new technology, internet technology is developed to 5G technology. 5G will connect any mobile apps and any mobile services at any time. Development of 5G is being led by the following companies,


Qualcomm for modern technology





Samsung for infrastructure

5G technology is demonstrated by Korea Telecom in Winter Olympics 2018. Network equipment suppliers are Nokia, Huawei and Ericsson.

Cellular modem suppliers such as Qualcomm, Intel, Huawei and Mediatek have an investment in 5G modem market and announced as follows.

Samsung is not the announced production date and it is working Exynos 5G modem.